Album: AUX: Experimental Sound from Athens, GA

Released: April 2006

Artist: Various


  1. Paul Thomas - Hope
  2. Chronicle Ape and the New Sound - Antique #1
  3. Javier - somewhere in the someone is the something
  4. Sarah Black - Music Box
  5. Korena Pang - Excerpt From Dogbirthed Brother In Eggsack Delicious
  6. W. Cullen Hart - Dimensional Snail and Friend
  7. Noisettes - The October Situation
  8. Heather McIntosh - Next it Becomes Winter
  9. Make Out Music for Insects - First Things First
  10. Blake Helton and Colin Bragg - Cars on Fire
  11. Desk Pussy - Pi for Psychotics
  12. Mark Fisher - Saros
  13. Hannah Jones - Bells for Electronic Owl
  14. Matt Williams - Newchile
  15. The QRM - Boetheus
  16. The Leapyear - Waiting for the Dawn to Break
  17. Pelican City - Weston Street Rose
  18. Manipulated Sound Source - The Breathing Table


  • Jeff used the name "Korena Pang" to release his track.

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