Korena Pang is alter ego of Jeff Mangum. He has used this fake name for live performances, field recordings, and art.


Korena Pang first appeared in a thank you in the liner notes of On Avery Island. Korena Pang also helped with the Guignol album "Angela, David and the Great Neapolitan Road Issue." At an Athens art show held at Clayton Street Gallery in August 1999, a circus-poster-collaged painting titled "Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Million Black Holes to Pop Into" was credited as being made by Korena Pang and Beth Sale. In 2006, a song by Korena Pang entitled Excerpt From Dogbirthed Brother In Eggsack Delicious was released on the compilation AUX: Experimental Sound from Athens, GA. The track had previously been heard on a radio show Jeff had hosted, where it was credited as being by "The Long Warm Wall of Alfred Snouts," another alter ego of Jeff's. Jeff has stated that he may released more Korena Pang sound collages in the future.

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