(Piggy puts on his yellow and green wooden cloppers and begins to stroll)

I bring Jennifer flowers
I bring Jennifer cupcakes
I bring Jennifer snow cones
I bring Jennifer yard rakes

And we dance in the leaves
That go up to our knees
And I cough and I sneeze
Lonely for Jennifer

I bring Jennifer oatmeal
I bring Jennifer wine
I bring Jennifer apple peels
For that's all that she needs for a good time

And we put on our pants
And we sing and we dance
And the sun wanders past
Above me and Jennifer

I bring Jennifer sailboats
And Jennifer brings me the sky
We swim through a sea of artichokes
Awaiting the day that we'll die

The trumpets will blow
And the water will flow
And a flower will grow
Above me and Jennifer

Jennifer (la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)


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