Oh sister, don't be afraid of me
I won't be nailing you down in the nursery
Just like the rest of them did with those watery
Wandering fingers of spit that were supposed to be glorious and fine

And oh sister, won't you believe in me
I only wanted to be hard on your family
Here with you now in this silly infirmary
Your mother makes frantic and drunk calls from Germany all of the time

And oh sister, sweet brown and comely
I will be milking with you making fun of me
Now that my moods are not what the used to be 
There is but no one alive laying next to me 
For such a long time 

And oh sister, sweet brown and beulahery
Milk from your blisters on your grandmothers jewelry
There in the parlor all naked in front of me
Watching the lights from the cracks making archery
Animal designs

Rose Wallace Goldaline just moves her mouth over anything
That's fleshy, free, and flowering
With oranges out in the open
But don't you waste your sins again
She don't need you or won't fuck your friends
And you, you're American 
So important boiling over
To prove that she must still exist
She moves herself about her fist
And could ever never give a shit
About all those words you're wasting
To gain some pretty, bright, and bubbly
Wondrous dream you'd like to kill and cling and claim her as your own
But don't you worry all those dainty and dirty
Emotions just go away and fade out on their own

Sister, now that we're grieving
Our fingers will fall to our lungs will be leaking
All over each other and without even speaking
We'll know that it's over and smile and go greeting whatever comes next

And oh sister you're getting married
To some angry twister that you'll have to carry home
Drunk every evening from the cemetery
If he makes it back half alive you can bury him under your sheets

And oh sister now that we're leaving
I cannot imagine there is any meaning
Forgetting you ever could once have the feeling
That made you keep on and continue to breathing of all of this world

And in an age of empty rings
I don't want to feel a thing
I don't even want to know
Rose Wallace Goldaline
Don't you ever die on me
All the way it goes and flows

Oh Sister (live)

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