One, two, three, four...

Cindy smiles
And overcoats
She says, "Please stay a while!"
Like ice cream floats and dreams
And I will fill you heart
With boats and bells and beams and candy-appled everythings
Bells and beams and candy-appled everythings

Cindy skips my trampoline
With toys and horns and bouncing things
And even the most silent must sing a song of love
Yes even the silent, they must sing a song of love


Unhappy girl, she's spinning
Through strings in her curls
And it's only the beginning
Of a trip around the world
Cindy, won't you smile?
Cindy, won't you sleep a while?
I feel I'm just a child
Sinking down one hundred million miles


Rain is a perfectly sculpted garden of wetness

Snow Song Pt. 1

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