Major Organ And The Adding Machine


Album: Major Organ And The Adding Machine

Released: March 2001

Artist: Major Organ And The Adding Machine


  1. [[When Father Was Away On Business
  2. His Mister's Pet Whistles
  3. Kissing Behind The Rubbery Grinder
  4. Un, Deux, Trois
  5. Your Moonpie Eye
  6. Madam Truffle
  7. The Fireman's Guitar
  8. Moonpie Eye Sensation
  9. Swimming, Laughing, Playing
  10. Barry's Lung
  11. Water Dripping On Bread Makes Bread Taste Not So Tasty
  12. Walking In The Sun
  13. Transmission
  14. Abe Lincoln's Moustache
  15. The Snack Bar
  16. Francisco's Victory
  17. Powdered Abe Lincoln
  18. Do The Moonpie Eye
  19. Life Form (Transmission Received)

2010 Re-issue Bonus TracksEdit

  • The Boy and the Girl
  • Francisco's Fanfare
  • Parish Post Office
  • Twelve Beards
  • Madam Truffle's Next Ingredient
  • Dance of the Telephone Poles
  • What A Wonderful World


  • Major Organ And The Adding Machine is a side project of many different Elephant 6 members, including Jeff Mangum.

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