The title/content of this article is conjectural. Although the title/content has been reached via reasonable guess, official confirmation is not available.

Song: Swimming in Your Speakers (unconfirmed title)

Albums: Live Only

Year released: Unreleased


Swimming In Your Speakers is an unreleased song by Neutral Milk Hotel. The song has only ever been performed in conjunction with other songs, which Jeff calls a medley.[1] These accompanying songs are typically Ruby Bulbs, She Did A Lot Of Acid and Beautiful Baby.

Both Swimming In Your Speakers and Beautiful Baby are quite possibly extensions to Ruby Bulbs as many versions of Ruby Bulbs exist. Although, it is worth mentioning that Jeff has said he often writes longer songs and then cuts them into smaller ones. [2]


4/12/98 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA: [1]



  1. "That was a medley of about three different songs." - 4/23/97 Tokyo Rose, Charlottesville, VA (40:00)
  2. "I write these long songs and then they get cut up into these other songs. And then some songs make it and some don't." - 7/4/96 Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA (15:00)

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