Song: Untitled (labeled as Tea Time)

Albums: Hype City Soundtrack, Everything Is (2011 re-release)

Year released: 1993


Tea Time is a brief 7 second-long song by Neutral Milk Hotel. It featured as a prelude to Bomb Drop (Ruby Bulbs) on Hype City Soundtrack and was later merged into the Ruby Bulbs on the 2011 re-release of Everything Is. According to Hype City Soundtrack's lyrics sheet, the female voice featured is Jill Carnes' of Thimble Circus, a fellow Elephant 6 musician.[1]


Hype City Soundtrack lyrics sheet


  1. '"Tea time/Bomb Drop doesn't really exist on this cassette and is in reality an untitled song Jill Carnes + i recorded the other day and "Rubby Bulbs" which is a song featuring Bill Doss on drums and Shannon Willis in guitar and yelping.' [sic]

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