Untitled (Unreleased Demo 2)
Album Placeholder Art
Released 1994
Recorded Unknown
Length 18:46
Label None
Producer Jeff Mangum
Previous Unreleased Demo
Next Everything Is

Track ListingEdit

  1. Everything Is - 2:54
  2. April 8th - 2:25
  3. Heroin Bath - 3:37
  4. Jennifer - 2:41
  5. Life Is Neverending - 3:48
  6. Follow Me Down - 2:27
  7. Angel Eyes - 3:48
  8. Aunt Eggma Blowtorch - 5:01


  • This may be an early extended version of Everything Is.
  • On January 6, 2013, a 4chan user uploaded a high quality mp3 of Heroin Bath saying that he owned the official cassette. Then the next day someone claiming to be the same person stated that this album is entitled "The Unhappy Bus." However, there is no proof that this was the same person and it is more than likely a hoax as more high quality mp3s surfaced later in the week on a different website.

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