Song: You've Passed

Albums: On Avery Island, You've Passed / Where You'll Find Me Now

Year released: 1996


You've Passed is the second song on the album On Avery Island by Neutral Milk Hotel. An alternate version was released as a single in the 2011 Walking Wall of Words boxset, recorded at Jeff's father's house. It has rarely been played live. The first time this was played live, there was an extra verse at the end referred to as You've Passed Pt. 2.

Jeff has stated that this song is about his grandmother, who passed away without Jeff's knowledge. [1]



  1. "The song 'You've Passed' (on 'On Avery Island') was actually written for my grandmother who passed away right after we left Seattle. I happened to call my Mom while we were in Washington State and she told me that my grandmother had died, and I didn't even get to go to the funeral. So that song was written for her when I was living in a sort of boiler room connected to a friend's apartment in Denver. The room housed the boiler and all the pipes and stuff and when the maintenance people would come I'd have to run and hide my bedding and pretend I wasn't living in there. Actually, I wrote a lot of songs in there - I have nice memories of that little room. All of my songs are my life, y'know? I have a little dream world in my head and I just sing about it. I don't really understand it either, or understand it in a way that I could express verbally." - Terrascope Interview July, 1996

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